breakfastIt is our aim to develop pupil's academic standards as well as their imagination, creativity, sporting skills and their care for the environment. So that we can achieve this:

 • All members of the school are asked to respect each other.
 • All children are expected to respect their teachers, other adults and fellow pupils.
 • All children are expected to respect their own and other people's property, and to take care of books and equipment.
 • Children are asked to be well-behaved, well mannered and attentive.
 • Children should walk (not run) when moving around school.
 • If a child has a grievance against another child, it must be reported to a member of staff, who will deal with the matter.
 • Physical violence is not acceptable, neither is retaliation. Repeated or serious incidents will lead to the Head teacher contacting parents.
 • Foul or abusive language must not be used.
 • Children are expected to be punctual.
 • Children must not bring sharp or dangerous instruments into school, or any item that might cause harm.
 • Children should wear the correct school uniform. Jewellery or trainers should not be worn. Hair attire should be simple and preferably in school colours

This code of conduct has been formulated with the safety and well-being of the children in mind and to enable the school to function efficiently as a place of learning.