01Children are encouraged to develop a pride in themselves, their learning and their school. Uniform encourages smartness, a sense of belonging and contributes towards good discipline. Our school colours are green combined with grey and white.

We believe that a school uniform is important because:

 • It looks smart
 • Wears well
 • Contributes to a sense of belonging
 • Gives a common purpose
 • Fosters a feeling of pride

What I Need For School:

 • All children should wear sensible BLACK school shoes of a robust design that will not slip off. Trainers are not school uniform.
 • In bad weather boots may be worn to and from school but children should change into shoes once in the school building.
 • In summer sandals may be worn but they must have closed toes and heels for safety purposes to keep feet safe from harm.

Tights and Socks

 • should be white, black or grey.


 • if worn, should be practical, age appropriate, small and simple in design.
 • Expensive or valuable models are not recommended or suitable for an Infant school.

Our Uniform Is ....

 • A grey skirt, grey pinafore dress, grey trousers or tailored dark grey shorts.
 • A white polo shirt.
 • A Woodlands green sweatshirt or Woodlands green cardigan.
 • In summer a green gingham checked dresses may be worn.
 • Hair accessories should be plain, simple and discreet.
 • Pierced earrings should be small, plain, discreet and stud like in design.
 • Make up, nail varnish and other jewellery are not permitted.

PE Kit

 • Plain black or navy shorts.
 • Woodlands Infant and Nursery School round neck white PE t-shirt or plain white round neck T-shirt.
 • Plimsoles.
 • White ankle socks.
 • In the winter a plain black or navy track suit may be worn for outside sport with trainers.

We request that all uniform and other school items such as coats, bags, pencil cases etc are labelled clearly to avoid confusion. We try to encourage children to be responsible for the security of their own possessions.

Where To Get School Uniform:

Popla Print – ordered online and delivered to school for your collection.

Uniform Direct – 333 High Street, Lincoln, LN5 7DQ.

FOWIS (Friends of Woodlands Infant School) have a small range of nearly new uniform in school that can be bought or swapped. Please contact the school office for details.

Ruck sacks and PE bags may be purchased from school, as can water bottles.