breakfastWho We Are

We are parents, carers and teachers of Woodlands Infant School pupils, (FOWIS) working together to improve the school and enrich our children’s education by raising money for extra equipment, facilities and opportunities that benefit all the children.

How We Help

The Friends organise activities all year round. Fundraising events in recent years have included; summer and Christmas fairs, discos, bingo nights, film nights and cake sales, to name but a few. The money raised has been used to buy outdoor equipment, pay for theatre companies to visit the school on a regular basis, and allow the children to take part in dance and circus workshops. We also provide donations to Christmas celebrations, and ensure that we contribute to the cost of coaches to reduce the price of trips.

Get Involved

We get together once or twice a term to discuss ideas and plan future events. If a regular commitment is too much, any help you can offer is always much appreciated.

Come along to one of our meetings – dates will be published on our newsletters. In the meantime, you can chat to Mrs Shucksmith who is the school representative about how you can come and help or get involved.

The Friends offer parents and carers:

 • The opportunity to get to know others and build great new friendships.
 • The chance to contribute towards exciting events for the children and families to enjoy.
 • The satisfaction of seeing great resources in school and knowing that you helped to ensure that they were provided.
 • And finally, most importantly, we have some fun and laughter along the way!