01What Is Family Learning?

Family learning is any learning that includes more than one generation of a family (including extended families and carers).

In Woodlands we have family learning sessions to inspire families to value learning, thereby enabling them to develop skills, improve their life chances and actively engage with school.

Family Learning helps parents and children in learning and developing their own potential.

Family Learning At Woodlands

At Woodlands Family Learning is run by Mrs Shucksmith.

These sessions are run on a Friday afternoon during the school term in the Community room. These are fun sessions some of which will involve you and your child working together on a range of exciting and hands on activities to help support their learning at home. Some of these sessions will allow the opportunity for parents and school to meet and discuss a range of different things such as how to help support learning at home or with your child’s behaviour etc.

What Are The Activities You Can Do?

Learning through Play sessions are for children and their families to work on a range of skills.

Learning Together workshops and events enable families to learn skills together in areas such as arts and crafts, cookery, healthy eating and sports.

Family Skills for Life help parents support their children in developing life skills. They can help both parents and children improve their Maths and English skills.