01What Is ParentMail?

ParentMail connects schools and parents, efficiently and reliably using modern technology . . . making essential communications much simpler for everyone.

ParentMail makes it easy for parents to read and respond to school requests, and this makes it the most effective parental engagement service.

Communicating with parents is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about school news, activities and things that really matter is something we care about and as a school we use ParentMail.

The reason we use ParentMail is because you can:

 • Use a free mobile app on Android and iOS to pick up school messages instantly
 • Have an account simply for school messages (away from your busy email inbox)
 • Highlight important messages or archive old messages to make life easier
 • Messages can be sent directly to mums, dads and carers – even grandparents


Please be assured that ParentMail is registered with the Information Commissioner and guarantees that all information you provide will be kept private and will not be passed on to any other organisation.